The Brick

Retired AP hunter. I'm still around, I only play for fun now though.

  • 47 Current Level Master of Steel Level 47
  • Awesome 34070 This Week 0 Next Level 430
  • Shining-blade Clan Shining Blade
  • Marks of Awesome 2
  • Marks of Honor 207
  1. Achievement Unlocked!

    gewoonjoris earned the Blooms Bronze Achievement in Bloons TD 5

    2018-07-23 10:40:15 UTC
  2. posted an update

    Anyone who has maxed FD, did you have to grind more games after you got all the boss achievements in order to get fleet builder? (to max collections)

    2018-07-23 05:43:09 UTC
  3. posted an update

    Just got more Awesome and has reached Level 45! (Automatic Message seems to not working again xD)

    2018-07-22 15:23:25 UTC
  4. KajJJ

    The-watchers 37-fireyrig 58
    posted an update

    How does everyone like BATTD? I personally have not played it but I've seen and heard that it is like the story mode that BTD6 needed and such. It's a free game though, so that's good if you don't want to spend the $4.99 for BTD6. also sup

    2018-07-21 00:17:35 UTC
  5. ZX840

    The-scorpions Btd5_glue 45
    posted an update

    Hmm, got to the point of opening another black box for an experiment character, too bad it'll only have it for about a week. Here's hoping for a collections addition!

    2018-07-22 15:25:59 UTC
  6. Achievement Unlocked!

    RocketIcewave earned the May 2018 Challenger Achievement in Bloons TD 5

    2018-07-22 12:38:38 UTC
  7. posted an update

    So its been a LONNGGGGG time since I've been on NK and/or played SAS4, that said, SAS4 no longer loads for me... Please help xD

    2018-07-22 05:30:09 UTC
  8. Achievement Unlocked!

    moabmobber earned the Blooms Bronze Achievement in Bloons TD 5

    2018-07-21 19:43:15 UTC
  9. posted an update

    Thinking of saving up all 5650 AP worth of achievements I have left in FD and redeeming them all at once, should I do it?

    2018-07-20 06:28:09 UTC
  10. ZX840

    The-scorpions Btd5_glue 45
    posted an update

    Often forget what I'm gonna be doing for all my SAS4 characters over the two accounts Just to remind myself I keep the things I want to do I leave them on my wiki page of the SAS wiki.

    So, gonna craft my medic a [BLACK] mustang now, can't keep using that 12*** [RED] one, cause it doesn't really get the job done.

    2018-07-19 03:05:42 UTC
  11. browder

    Blue-wolves 24-shotgunman 52
    Achievement Unlocked!

    browder earned the Air Dervish Nemesis Achievement in Bloons Monkey City

    2018-07-18 22:38:00 UTC
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