Miss Sabine

  • 32 Current Level Unseen Ninja Level 32
  • Awesome 7220 This Week 0 Next Level 280
  • Black-cobras Clan Black Cobras
  • Marks of Honor 39
  1. Marks of Honor

    peponzio ranked number 114 last week for most Awesome earned in their clan. They have been awarded 2 Marks of Honor.

    2021-06-14 01:20:12 UTC
  2. Marks of Honor

    peponzio helped Shining Blade become the second most awesome clan for last week! For their contribution to the cause they have been awarded 2 Marks of Honor!

    2021-06-14 01:15:13 UTC
  3. Achievement Unlocked!

    peponzio earned the Pistol Master Achievement in SAS4

    2021-06-11 23:09:44 UTC
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