• 29 Current Level Ninja Disciple Level 29
  • Awesome 5625 This Week 0 Next Level 375
  • Blue-wolves Clan Blue Wolves
  • Marks of Awesome 1
  • Marks of Honor 37
  1. Marks of Honor

    MoneyUser ranked number 44 last week for most Awesome earned in their clan. They have been awarded 3 Marks of Honor.

    2021-06-14 01:15:35 UTC

    MoneyUser's incredible efforts last week helped Blue Wolves be the most awesome clan that week. Because they were among the top 100 clan members of the winning clan, they have been awarded a Mark of Awesome! Show your reverence in the comments below.

    2021-06-14 01:15:35 UTC
  3. Marks of Honor

    MoneyUser helped Blue Wolves become the most awesome clan for last week! For their contribution to the cause they have been awarded 3 Marks of Honor!

    2021-06-14 01:15:07 UTC
  4. Achievement Unlocked!

    MoneyUser earned the Liposuction Achievement in SAS4

    2021-06-13 22:37:46 UTC
  5. Level Up!

    MoneyUser just got more awesomer and has reached Level 29!

    2021-06-13 22:37:46 UTC
  6. Achievement Unlocked!

    MoneyUser earned the Sweet Dreams Achievement in SAS4

    2021-06-11 16:53:19 UTC
  7. Achievement Unlocked!

    MoneyUser earned the Meltdown Countdown Achievement in SAS4

    2021-06-11 00:57:22 UTC
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