News 25 May 2018

Hello everyone and welcome to the blog post for May 25th, 2018! In BTD6 news... you ain't seen nothing yet.


What's Going On This Week?

Tower Keepers: 2x rewards in Hero Battles. Double Gold, Kensai and Druid skins on sale! Valkjyrie sale and ongoing Valkyrie Expedition campaign!

BTD Battles: MOAB R3 and Random Cards on Friday. MOAB, MOAB Club and MOAB Card Clubs on Saturday. BFB with no bonus tower, BFB Club and BFB Cards on Sunday. Medallions and Boomer skins on sale!

SAS4 web: Full Boosts reward on Friday's Last Man Standing. Virus Samples and Bounties on Saturday. Apocalypse for a Black Key and Bounty for a Black Strongbox on Sunday. Epic Pack and Planet Stormer, WPX Incinerator and HIKS A10 on sale!

SAS4 mobile: LMS on Friday. VS on Saturday. Apoc on Sunday with Black Strongbox as reward. Nantoniums, Epic Pack and Contagion, Ahab and Calamity on sale!

BMC web and mobile: Daily Monkey Teams with weekend long Festival of Bloonstones. Monkey Knowledge Packs on sale!

Bloons TD 5: Ongoing Totem event. Bloonvasion! Pink pops counting for the leader boards. Ninja skin on sale!

Bloons Super Monkey 2: Double Blops and Double Boosters.


Ninja Kiwi Acronym Competition Winners!

Last week I asked for some NK acronyms for the chance to win a mystery prize!. We got a lot of fun and clever entries, but I've narrowed it down to three winners:


Sniper Hero XD

LLAMA - Lead Lined Armoured Multi-layered Atrocity
The newest blimp could be called the LLAMA. A blimp that has to be damaged by explosives etc. but it speeds up as you remove the layers of lead.


TECHNOLOGICAL Terror - Technologically Enhanced Combat Hardened Neurologically Overclocked Laquered Operative Girded In Carbonic Armoured Layers


AARON - Architect of Awesome Reports On Ninjakiwi
The newest bloon in BTD6 called the AARON. It slows down towers by sending out "@everyone new blog post" and then they have to read it because they need to know the BTD6 news.


Thanks for the entries and congratulations to the winners! If you didn't specify a game, I've messaged you to find out where you'd like your prize.


Questions from the Comments:

Is there an upgrade button on your meme jar for when it fills up, to help support the flow of memes?
Unfortunately not :( I'll need to get a new jar.
If you have a crystal ball, do you have a magic 8-ball?
No, but I suspect it would be incredibly useful.
Do you plan to take out your company's games on consoles?
We've released BTD5 on some consoles :)
Will there ever be an end to the BTD franchise?
Unfortunately, yes. I've prepared this graphic to illustrate when:
Do you hear Laurel? Or Yanny?
Usually Laurel.
If you weren't working at NK, would you be ruling the world?
Who says I'm not already..?
Are the bloons full of helium?
There have been rumours, but nothing confirmed.
Can there be a map design competition?
I'd like to see another one in the future, though there are none planned at this stage.





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