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  • Nk_monkey
    lifeangel 3 months ago

    When will you guys add Sauda Avatar and wallpaper of Etiene and sauda to waiting

  • 8-sasmonkey
    Rader109 3 months ago

    Is Bloons TD 6 gonna come out on Xbox One ?

  • Nk_monkey
    CarlFilip19 3 months ago

    Since BTD5 Deluxe has been cancelled, I want BTD5 Mobile (and Steam) to completely replace that game with respect, so please add the agents Watermelon Spitter and Mad Snowman, and all of those tracks from that game. It would be a shame to just make people unable to experience the fun with that content, including those who missed BTD5 Deluxe and are wishing that they had it. Plus, you are just adding new tracks to BTD5 instead of sometimes adding old favorites, which is not bad, but it goes too much in one direction, if you know what I mean. You are not completely done with BTD5, so take care of that opportunity for us. With great love from me to you, Ninja Kiwi.

  • 2-sniperprone
    edwardyswagbag 3 months ago

    Do the monkeys like to play BTD games? BTDception?

  • 10-dartlingfullauto
    Deluxenoss 3 months ago

    Are there any plans for a extreme difficulty for BTD6?

  • 10-hotmonkey
    Great Mage 3 months ago

    Will Dr. Monkey make a guest appearance in BTD6 in the future?

  • Nk_monkey
    mytest 3 months ago

    Continuing on the subject of BTDB2, can you do something about round 20 BFB rushes?

  • 10-dartlingfullauto
    little-dino123 3 months ago

    do you plan on making app clips for btd6/5?

  • 10-hotmonkey
    GamingWitherYT 3 months ago

    Can we get a way to delete comments, just incase of a sppelinh misstack

  • Btd5_dart
    Dartmonkeyrespect 3 months ago

    @jwk7 Super Monkey would make the most sense due to BSM 1 and 2.